Small, TCL/Tk based IDE for Snobol4.

A fool-proof method for sculpting an elephant: first, get a huge block of marble; then you chip away everything that doesn't look like an elephant.



Current version

* re-highlighting after "Open" fixed
* focus handling in Preferences window corrected
* window title setting after "Open"/"Open input" corrected
Windows version was tested on XP and Vista Home only.
If you intend to use the TkS*LIDE on Unix download the Linux version.
All you have to do to obtain a self-contained executable version is to download a TclKit for your OS (and replace the Linux-specific one).


See TkSlide in action

Version 0.22+ - Toolbar with icons (Linux)
Version 0.22+ - Toolbar icons + tooltip (Windows)
Version 0.21 - snapshot 1
Version 0.21 - snapshot 2
Version 0.21 - snapshot 3

Support files

Snobol4 Download

Portable CSnobol4
16-bit Snobol4 for DOS/Windows

TCL Download

ActiveState TCL
TCL on Sourceforge
Tclkit (think: Tcl/Tk without installation)